A song for my lover.

To say I am nostalgic

would ignore the fears I have

of sleepless nights in an unending desert,

talking to the wind

and drowning in time

until my own spirit has slipped

into vengeful remorse;

Captive to my lesser emotions.



That isn’t to say that I fear the night;

I still sense you in the black

of some unknown star,

a thousand worlds apart,

your nails raking my back,

your breath on my neck,

your blood pumping in sanctified harmony with my own,

Our song the final noise in the void.



Beneath the fear, I think

there is the truth

that I’d rather dissolve into nothingness,

than to have never met you;

to see you again

I’d let my hopes turn to ashes,

put my city to the sword,

Destroy it with passion.



Miles and oceans,

worlds old and new,

worlds real and metaphysical,

locked doors you can’t pass through;

your signal, faded and far,

it hums in my ear,

it drives me half mad,

Yet is all I want to hear.



And if I should find myself with power unending

on a lonely night,

I’d feel the lights rise as I bid them,

watch the fog descending

only when I ask it to,

obfuscating the city

by my own accord,

Losing myself in mourning of what I found before.



Thus, the vista from the mountaintop

seems so arbitrary

when I can’t share it with you;

but, when the clouds sweep the land,

spreading their dew,

I wonder if it is raining on Georgia,

christening you with the very same showers;

Ordained by my love so very far away.



Does each cold breath

I exhale in steamy coils

traverse the cosmos,

through space and history,

to land in a perfect kiss

on your furrowed, solitary brow

and give you a brief sensation of inexplicable courage,

Victorious in its solitary, love-endowed purpose?



If each moment is eternal,

then it suffices to know

that in that Colorado winter,

spent under the duvet,

I am with you right now;

that the seed that we sowed

conjoins our roots;

Eternally bound.



There is no love at first sight,

love has no beginning, nor endings,

it is the alpha and the omega,

the first and the last,

the singular truth beneath all being,

and those who thirst for life can drink freely from it.


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